Restoring a Wooden Picnic Table

There’s no need to go as well as purchase brand-new furniture when recovering perfectly excellent old furniture is more affordable and enjoyable. You might already possess an old wooden picnic table, otherwise you can pick one up at a flea market or antique shop. Though it could not look like much to start with, with a good cleaning and also some brand-new finish, the results might simply amaze you.

Select a great office
When functioning on outside furnishings you want a place that is open, well-ventilated as well as if possible outdoors. When functioning on flooring, like a wooden deck, that could get discolored or ruined by cleansers and solvents, spray the floor down with some water.

Cleaning up
To begin, you will certainly require to wet your wood picnic table and also get rid of loosened particles. By saturating the table, it will also take even more evenly to the cleansing option.
Wood-specific cleaners and also wood deck cleaners both function well to remove dust and discoloration while bring back some of the initial color to furniture. If you have some additional persistent areas you can function in a concentrated solvent solution of either chlorine or bleach combined with water, however utilize caution when working with caustic drugs.


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