Top Reasons to Purchase a Lifetime Picnic Table

Having made use of and marketed Lifetime Picnic Tables for many years, I really feel inclined to share the why’s of buying a Lifetime Picnic Folding Table, in addition to the why not’s. I will initially discuss the common consumer that acquires this device and then, that does not. I will certainly after that quickly compare this system to an imported unit from Atlas and also mention a couple of key differences.

Who purchases the Lifetime Picnic Table?

There are several teams of consumers who normally purchase the Lifetime table over a wood picnic table, or a heavier task device. The biggest customer base that I have experienced would be camp premises and recreational locations. Lifetime tables appear to be a good suitable for them because they are not just heavy and strong, yet also retractable making them quickly stored in seasonal locations of the country. This is uncommon amongst several picnic folding tables on the market because most heavier devices are completely set up, making them difficult to move and keep as required; and also most retractable picnic folding tables are light and also lightweight.

This additionally makes them ideal for the following greatest customer base I have experienced, which are colleges and churches. Unlike campgrounds, colleges and churches regularly need to set them up as well as take them down; so, the mobility of a Lifetime folding picnic table makes it a fantastic fit for this use. Lastly, the next most usual customer base are families that require something quick as well as portable for their own individual usage. These tables are perfect if you have a trailer you like to take camping and also can fall down the table to place nicely in your trailer. One more common use is for a household to have this picnic folding table for household parties at their home, again, the computability and also portability making key.


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